Join Our Exclusive Cypress Workshop with Joe Eames

July 8th & 9th, 2019 | 12:00-3:00 PM EST

$197 Early Bird | $297 Regular Price


Guided training through multiple testing scenarios to know how to handle even the most complex test cases.


Discover the flaws in your current testing strategies and how to most effectively test your apps using


Master how to test your applications with less time and less effort.

What You'll Learn & Do

  • Over 6 hours of Hands-on Expert-Guided learning with
  • Mastery of using to write End-to-End and Integration tests
  • Hands-on practice using advanced features like route stubbing and fixtures
  • In-depth understanding of the architecture of
  • Best Practices for End-to-End and Integration Testing with
  • How Cypress addresses many of the problems in End-to-End testing
  • Why the community is hailing Cypress as the best End-to-End testing tool
  • Get all your questions answered by an industry expert in Automated Testing

Your Guide

Over the last decade, Joe has taught hundreds of live workshops and online classes to tens of thousands of developers on how to improve their skills and accelerate their careers. Now, through, his mission is to help YOU acquire the confidence and skills you need to achieve your professional and personal goals.

What People Are Saying

Before the workshop my team had used Cypress on a few tests, but Joe made us aware of all of it's capabilities or what it could really do. I really enjoyed Joe's examples. He went over real-world scenarios on how to write Cypress E2E tests for our specific application. I especially enjoyed learning how to create a cypress server to intercept http requests. Right after the workshop I spent several ours fixing my existing Cypress test suite and adding new tests. This workshop gave me the confidence to move forward!

  • @ErikCH

Joe’s in-depth knowledge demystified complex topics, particularly for those starting out in testing, and made the course incredibly valuable.

The workshop provided a TL;DR of set up & configurations as well as excellent hands-on learning exercises & concise lectures that accelerated the learning curve within a busy work & life schedule. The workshop integrated the popular & familiar project- Angular’s Tour of Heroes- to teach e2e concepts that are useful to both a general & focused testing practice. After the workshop, I had enough knowledge to start a research project with Cypress and to share knowledge with another front end developers to utilize within production-ready applications.

  • @OMJi_Kim